I'd like to give shout outs to the following:

Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer (NY Times)

This little application I found a few years back was my original motivation. I'm unsure the exact algorithm used here, but watching how it plays I'm sure its pretty similar

Sam Kass Co-inventor of the Lizard Spock Expansion for Rock Paper Scissors

According to the internets, Sam Kass originally invented this variation of the classic Rock Paper Scissors game. Hats off to you sir! Although we both went to CMU, it seems we did not overlap.

The Big Bang Theory

In general for being such a hilarious show only a few of us could appreciate, but also for reminding me of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. If I ever meet the writers to this show I will buy them all tequila shots.

Twitter Bootstrap

I'm super terrible at web design. Thanks for making it easy for anyone, even me!