Ro Sham Bot

An Artificially Intelligent Rock Paper Scissors (Lizard Spock) Player.

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About Roshambot

Roshambot is a simple Artificially Intelligent Rock Paper Scissors Player. In a perfect game of Rock Paper Scissors both players will end in a statistical tie. Unfortunately humans are not great at random selections and Roshambot tries to take advantage of that.

Roshambot's algorithm is pretty simple but I won't describe it here because its part of the fun! There are two modes of playing: either the classic Rock Paper Scissors mode, or the more complex Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock mode.

A couple of things to note:

  1. Roshambot uses very little randomness, so it can be beaten very predictably.
  2. In practice, it takes the Lizard-Spock version many more tries before he gets smart than the classic version.
  3. After 25 plays you can share your score.

To get started, click any of the buttons above, or if you're lazy like me I've added the links here too (not sure how this saves you time, but whatever):


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